Séquences de désaffiliation interviewer-interviewé lors de l'entretien politique radiophonique

Katarzyna Piotrowska, assistante diplômée

Thèse de doctorat en sociologie, en cours de préparation

2015 ->


Collective memory as an interactional practice. The case of the Czech-Jewish experience in Switzerland during the World War II period

Jakub Mlynár, visiting postdoctoral researcher

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship for Foreing Scholars

September 2017-August 2018


Half-century of a paradigm. Reception and development of ethnomethodology in Switzerland

Jakub Mlynár, visiting postdoctoral researcher

Postdoctoral Scholarship, University of Fribourg

October 2016-December 2016


New on the job: relevance-making and assessment practices of interactional competences in young nurses' hospital telephone calls

Prof. Esther González-Martínez, project leader; Anca Sterie, SNF PhD student

Sinergia research project "Interactional competences in institutional practices. Young people between school and the workplace" (IC-You)  

Swiss National Science Foundation grant no CRSII1_136291/1-2-3; PI: Prof. Simona Pekarek Doehler

January 2012-December 2015



Mobile and contingent work interactions in the hospital care unit

Prof. Esther González-Martínez, project leader; Prof. Adrian Bangerter, co-applicant; Kim Lê Van, SNF PhD student

ProDoc research module

Swiss National Science Foundation grant no PDFMP1_134875/1-2-3

September 2011-February 2015



Adaptivity in communication and health

ProDoc Doctoral program

Swiss National Science Foundation grant no PDAMP1_132615/1, PI: Peter Schulz

February 2011-January 2016. 


Research Group Interaction and Social Practices - University of Fribourg - Switzerland - Swiss University