Doctoral programme

De Civitate hominis.Theology in the age of post-ecumenism


The doctoral programme is situated at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Fribourg in Switzerland. It is supported and financed by the Conference of the Rectors of Swiss Universities  ( 

 Responsible at the University of Fribourg:


The programme is open to doctoral students of other Faculties of the University of Fribourg as well as to other Theological Faculties in Switzerland. It is carried out in collaboration with partners in academic institutions abroad. 

Image: The vision of the apostle Paul in Troas (Act 16,9):
"Come across ... and help us!" 
Church St. Paul in Chambésy
Artist: Rallis Kopsidis, 1975

Next Date

Study trip to Calabria

2 to 8 September 2020

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Deadline : 26 March 2020




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The program for 2019 is to be found on this site.

You can ask for the program (printed of electronic) by sendung a mail to Mr. Stefan Constantinescu:



Prof. Dr. Barbara Hallensleben
Tel: +41 26 466 51 73
Fax: + 41 26 300 9783
Stefan Constantinescu
Cf. above the e-mail-addresses of the other responsibles of the programme.
Doctoral programme DE CIVITATE HOMINIS - Avenue de l'Europe 20 - CH-1700 Fribourg - Tel +41 26 / 300 7410 - Fax +41 26 / 300 9783 - Swiss University